Eco Tuk Tuks

About Us

Having spent many years travelling to far flung places around the world British backpacker turned entrepreneur Dean Goldswain has had many a tuk tuk ride through the streets of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Havana, Singapore, Phnom Penh and beyond.

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Goals & Vision

“I’ve always loved the concept of tuk tuks” says Dean, “they are probably the best and quickest means of effective transportation once you’ve landed in a bustling city. I’ve often considered how they would function in the UK.”

With this in mind and with the help of partner and ecotuktuks co-founder Kamal Chohan, they set about finding a suitable alternative to the old 2 stroke “O-zone unfriendly” tuk tuk engines. After a couple of years of looking at gas powered or NGV’s they decided that electric powered vehicles would be the way forward. Not only are they 100% environmentally friendly but they can also be used at larger indoor venues giving them more opportunity to showcase the functionality and capability of tuk tuks.

We therefore welcome you to ecotuktuks, the UK’s electric tuk tuk company.