Our Tuks Tuks

100% electric, 100% unique, 100% fun

The Etuks we use are 100% electric, 100% unique and 100% fun. They have room for 6 seatbelted passengers, come with heated seats and rain covers. (For those few rainy days we have here in the UK).


Unlike the crazy tuk tuks you will experience racing around most Asian cities ecotuktuks are restricted to cruise around at a leisurely (and silent) 30mph max, therefore allowing a pleasant and relaxing journey.


Our tuk tuks can be utilized for a multitude of different purposes as you will see throughout our website.


The Etuk is an electric tuk tuk manufactured in Thailand and built to strict EU regulations. All Etuks come with an EU certificate of Conformity. We can accommodate 4 adults and 2 children only as a maximum.

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